Monday, July 25, 2016

Things to Do In Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah might be the third largest city in Utah, it might be named one of the top places to live in the United States, and people might consider it "the happiest town." It might be hard to believe, but Provo, Utah is also a huge travel location for visitors. Who wouldn't want to visit there? It has beautiful scenery, fun things to do, and an amazing downtown location. Here are a few fun things that you could do while visiting Provo, Utah.

Crandall Historical Printing Museum
The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is "one of the most complete printing museums in the world." It covers the history dating all the way back to Gutenberg, and coming all of the way to how printing is today. The museum looks like how it would be throughout times back in the day. Touring hours are only available by appointment.

Tucanos Brazillian Grill
This restaurant offers Brazillian cuisine. The owner lived in Brazil for a couple of years, so the Brazillian dishes are mastered and accurate. It is a good restaurant that serves great meat and vegetables. It received 4 1/2 stars on Tripadvoisor and has a certificate of excellence on there as well.

Cat's Cradle Antiques & Art
This shop is located in Downtown Provo, Utah. It has unique and rare antique items from decorations to jewelry. Guests say that the store of Cat's Cradle Antiques & Art looks a little creepy, but most people enjoy it and the unique artifacts throughout it.

Escape Rooms
The concept of escape rooms is new to Provo, Utah. You have 60 minutes to break out of a room using the objects and clues throughout the room. It costs up to $20 per person to participate and kids are recommended to be age 12 if they want to participate in escape rooms.  Getout Games has four different rooms that you can choose from, including one with a zombie in the room while you try to break out of it.

Provo Beach
There are a lot of things one could do at Provo Beach. There are plenty of things to do there other than enjoying the beach. Guests can enjoy laser tag, a ropes courses, bowling, a carousel, an arcade, and a playground. There is also pier food and ice cream to snack on!

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls is a natural waterfall in a canyon. It has a trail that you can bike, hike, or take a scenic drive on. People can also partake in wintertime sports during the winter months. Bridal Veil Falls is the perfect spot for a nature lover.

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