Friday, November 16, 2012

Coming Back from Vacation

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia
I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Laguna Beach. My hats are off to the Anti-war protestors who are engaging in the American Political process hoping for change. As a U.S. Marine, I'm saddened by all of the tragic deaths that have occurred based on bush's lie; W.M.D. I also must grieve for the innocent Iraqis that have died while bush on his high horse has been pursuing terrorist. I agree that we must fight terrorism but we must be precise, strategic, and have a realistic exit strategy. Make no mistake. The reason we are in Iraq is oil. Bush his family, Cheney, and all of the neocons have invaded a country based on the premise that they were somehow connected to Al Queda/9/11. In all actuality, 18 of the 21 highjackers came from Saudi Arabia. Why did we not invade Saudi Arabia? Because Saudi Arabia is already giving us oil. Bush and the neocons want to monopolize Iraq's wealth of untouched oil. Remember if you weren't with us during the war, you could not help rebuild Iraq and gain access to oil.

I'm sometimes saddened that the American public votes by party identification. I truly wonder how true conservatives can explain our national debt, tax cuts for the rich, out of control spending by a Republican Legislature and White house. This president, his administration and Republican Legislature have spent more money than any other president in our nations history. We are deeper in debt than we have ever been, and continue to mortgage our children's financial future. Unemployment continues to grow. Why are the conservatives not speaking up?

I support our troops. Bring them home and get them out of harms way. After serving my country for 8 years I watch in disbelief as our country spends out of control and continues to slash veterans and military benefits. Bush to his credit did take credit for the bungled response to hurricane Katrina. Now if he would bring our troops home, repeal his tax cuts, save (not privatize) social security our country might have some hope of regaining lost ground that happened on his watch. I do not foresee this happening, but one can dream.

Again my hat is off to Cindy Sheehan and all of the antiwar protestors! Those who believe in helping our troops must continue to contact state and federal elected officials and speak out against bush's lie. Keep up the good work, attend peaceful protest and continue to write your local newspapers. Our efforts must go on to save the rest of the troops who are dying for bush's lie.