Monday, July 21, 2014

Crafty Wedding Décor for Non-Crafty People

I am the first to admit that I am one of the least crafty or artsy people out there. I mean, I still struggle with drawing stick people; that may be an exaggeration, but you get the point. So when my brother’s fiancé wanted me to help with the décor for their upcoming wedding, I freaked out a little bit. Thanks to the wonderful Pinterest, I was able to figure out some crafty decorations that I could do to help with the décor. Check them out below, but before you do, know that I don’t make decision about the décor, I simply execute the ideas.




Inspiration - My brother’s fiancé liked the idea of following this set-up for the centerpieces, but preferred a chalkboard paint finish for the wine bottles instead of adding paper numbers.

Results - Since the wedding is still 33 days away (eek!) I don’t have a picture of the final set up yet. But the wine bottles turned out nicely; the chalkboard paint looks great! Anybody looking to copy this look should check out Home Depot for chalkboard spray paint, they have the best price.

Place Cards 


Inspiration - Sticking with the wine theme, wine corks were used to create the place cards as well. After browsing a lot of ideas on Pinterest, it was decided to use two corks per place card instead of one like most pins showed.

Results - My brother's fiancé isn't the super girly type so she nixed the bow and this is how the place cards turned out. I think they are simple, but they also catch your eye.

Aisle Decorations


Inspiration - There are simply too many pictures to choose from for inspiration for aisle decorations. Pinterest has too many great options. When it came down to it, my brother's fiancé had to pick what she felt was the best choice to go along with the theme of the wedding.

Results - She chose a simple jar look which will be filled with baby breathe flowers to be hung in shepherds hooks down the aisle. I'm sure they would look good with any type of flower in them or for a later ceremony, tea lights would also look very prety!

About the Author: Lilly is a guest blogger from The Perfect Card Box, a provider of beautiful wedding card boxes for your special day!