Monday, December 8, 2014

The Latest Inventions on Wine Technology

Wine lovers, rejoice! More and more start-ups are emerging in the market today on wine technology. You’ll be glad to know that the art and science of wine tasting has progressed with exciting gadgets and equipment. The delectable taste of wine is now preserved and stored better than ever; there is even a device that can send wine to “time travel” to age faster. Sounds too good to be true? Well, better believe it when we give you a list of the best wine technology for wine connoisseurs like you.


Brought to us by Napa Technology, the WineStation works like a beer tap while also effectively preserving the exquisite wine flavors. For 60 days, you can store wines in the WineStation and still have that finest tasting wine until the last drop.

Sonic Decanter

How about technology that can age wine five to eight years within 15 to 20 minutes? Just place the bottle into the decanter and the magic (or science!) will do its work. The secret is in the ultrasonic frequencies in the device, softening the tannins and expelling the sulfur dioxide (this is added by winemakers to preserve the wine longer but the downside is it changes the taste).


Have you had that problem of sealing an opened wine bottle? That’s where you could use Coravin, which will keep the cork in the bottle so you won’t have to worry about oxidizing. The wine will continue to age and taste even better. No wastage of precious wine and saves you money in the long run. Just insert the device’s needle through the cork and the wine will simply pour through the needle. That easy!

Roberts’ Taste Enhancing Wineware

Heighten the pleasure and the taste of wine using Roberts’ stemware. The secret is near the rim of the glasses, where textural elements are added to excite neural receptors in the tongue and lips. This results in the increase of saliva, helping us to process and register the flavor better. It’s a brilliant invention and it’s amazing how a simple-looking wine glass can increase richness and satisfaction in wine.

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