Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finding Jobs if You're Unemployed

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Job search networking can be very intimidating. It is important that you understand the concept of job search networking give and take. You may be in a panic situation since you have lost your job and you will do just about anything to get a new one. It's important that you do just the opposite . Don't panic. Clear thinking is what you need the most now.

If you didn't know you were supposed to develop relationships, now is the time to start. It's great to start off by doing searches on Google for your specialty  For example, instead of looking at overall doctor websites for finding, dig into your own specialty, such as browsing emergency medicine jobs on this site if that is your specialty. Eventually though, you will need to find the person in charge of those job postings and openings. Take the list of contacts you already have or start making a new list. Find the names of people who can help you in your job search immediately. Think of all of the people you know from your former employer. Surely you worked well with one or more of those individuals. It's very likely that they know someone outside of your last employer that you can talk to. Maybe they even know of a good headhunter that placed them in their position that they can have you call. It's possible that they have spouses who might be able to give you a hint or two.

When you call them, let them know of your situation. Don't go into too much detail. Just let them know that you are seeing a new opportunity and would very much appreciate if they would keep you in mind or tell others about you. Tell them you enjoyed working with them and that you would like to stay in touch - and then do it - even if it is through a yearly card or phone call. Tell them if they ever need help or a recommendation not to hesitate to contact you.

You have to start somewhere and this is one of the best places to start your job search networking.

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