Monday, December 5, 2016

How Often Should You Visit The Dentist?

dentist showing x-ray to patient
Poor oral hygiene can lead to complications with diabetes, increased risk of developing dementia, and heart attack. Still, with all of these possibilities present, many fail to keep up with regular dentist visits. While the popular belief is that individuals opt out of good oral care to avoid their fears of seeing a local dentist, the truth may be that the masses are not aware of how often they should undergo thorough examinations and cleanings.

The average person should schedule two appointments per year for teeth review and cleaning. Spreading the meeting out by six months is the best way to get the full benefit from visits. Dentists typically inspect the health of your gums during observation. Doctors may also conduct a head and neck exam in which they search for reactions that are out of the ordinary.

Signs of oral cancer, diabetes, and vitamin deficiencies have a way of showing up in your mouth. Your dentist can identify a life-altering illness in time for you to seek treatment and beat the disease.

When is it necessary to see a local dentist more than twice a year?
People with diabetes along with individuals with gum disease may need to schedule dental visits three or four times per year. Pregnant women and those highly susceptible to plaque build-up may also find themselves in the office more often. Smokers, because of their addiction to nicotine, will find that their teeth need a thorough cleaning more often than non-smokers. It may be a good idea for such persons to set aside time for more frequent visits to the doctor's office.

Is it possible to get away with seeing the dentist once per year?
Although they strongly encourage patients to visit their office every six months, some individuals can survive off thorough cleanings and examinations once per year. Such persons include those without significant problems with plaque and gingivitis. The decision to reduce visits, however, should be left up to your hygienist who understands the impact of regular oral hygiene.

Keeping up on your oral hygiene should be viewed with the same importance that people put on other standard health check ups like physicals and cancer screenings. It's nice to bring a nice smile to a presentation at work, but it's more important to maintain your overall health. In any case, visiting your dental care specialist on a regular basis is a smart way to keep yourself healthy in the long term.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Things to Do In Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah might be the third largest city in Utah, it might be named one of the top places to live in the United States, and people might consider it "the happiest town." It might be hard to believe, but Provo, Utah is also a huge travel location for visitors. Who wouldn't want to visit there? It has beautiful scenery, fun things to do, and an amazing downtown location. Here are a few fun things that you could do while visiting Provo, Utah.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Latest Inventions on Wine Technology

Wine lovers, rejoice! More and more start-ups are emerging in the market today on wine technology. You’ll be glad to know that the art and science of wine tasting has progressed with exciting gadgets and equipment. The delectable taste of wine is now preserved and stored better than ever; there is even a device that can send wine to “time travel” to age faster. Sounds too good to be true? Well, better believe it when we give you a list of the best wine technology for wine connoisseurs like you.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Entrepreneurial Opportunities during the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most profitable times to start your own business, especially one with a festive theme. The holidays are such a good time to start a business because everyone is so busy, extra help and convenience is always welcomed. Your business endeavors can be turned into holiday cash as well, perfect for buying the perfect gift for your loved ones! Here are some of the most profitable holiday businesses. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Help Keep the Stress Out of Wedding Planning

With one wedding day in your life, working to make the day absolutely perfect can become stressful and tiresome. There are many things to remember and account for before your big day, but it doesn’t have to be all filled with pressure and worry. Use this advice to reduce the stress in your life during your engagement and enjoy planning your wedding with your fiancé. 

Start Early

Even with short engagements, always try to begin planning early. This includes choosing venues, dates and your guest list. Having your dream location already booked by someone else will not help alleviate your stress with planning. Pick your date early as well as your guest list. More people will be able to make travel arrangements to attend if given a substantial amount of time, especially if flights and hotel reservations are needed. Create a checklist specific for your wedding of everything you think you could need. This will allow you to have a basic understanding of everything you will need to do before your big day, both big and small. This will save you stress later on as you are trying to remember if you really did call the caterer or the florist. Here is a wedding planning checklist to help you get started. Understanding the length of your engagement right away will allow you to better budget your time throughout the planning process. 

Stick to your Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the wedding planning and begin to stray from your proposed budget. This will only cause stress and tension as you try to cover all of these extra expenses. Trust that the budget you originally decided on is the best option and stick to that. Many sites offer you great money saving advice to ensure you are able to include everything you want on your day without going over your spending limit. Tips to Save You Money on Your Wedding offers brides and grooms options to save money to have your dream money without overspending.

Have a Good Support System

Everyone knows that wedding planning is a lot of work, especially if you try to do it all on your own, or even just with your fiancé. Encourage your bridal party to help you work out small details, as well as making favors or addressing envelopes. As your closet circle of friends, many bridesmaids look forward to helping you plan your special day, so let them. They are willing to help you and you should let them assist you. It can be easy to want to do everything yourself to ensure that your day is perfect, but let your close friends and family help out when you need it. Everyone in the wedding party has a role, be sure to let everyone help and participate, as you have too much to take care of to do it on your own. This will save you time, energy and stress and let you enjoy your engagement a little more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Crafty Wedding Décor for Non-Crafty People

I am the first to admit that I am one of the least crafty or artsy people out there. I mean, I still struggle with drawing stick people; that may be an exaggeration, but you get the point. So when my brother’s fiancé wanted me to help with the décor for their upcoming wedding, I freaked out a little bit. Thanks to the wonderful Pinterest, I was able to figure out some crafty decorations that I could do to help with the décor. Check them out below, but before you do, know that I don’t make decision about the décor, I simply execute the ideas.




Inspiration - My brother’s fiancé liked the idea of following this set-up for the centerpieces, but preferred a chalkboard paint finish for the wine bottles instead of adding paper numbers.

Results - Since the wedding is still 33 days away (eek!) I don’t have a picture of the final set up yet. But the wine bottles turned out nicely; the chalkboard paint looks great! Anybody looking to copy this look should check out Home Depot for chalkboard spray paint, they have the best price.

Place Cards 


Inspiration - Sticking with the wine theme, wine corks were used to create the place cards as well. After browsing a lot of ideas on Pinterest, it was decided to use two corks per place card instead of one like most pins showed.

Results - My brother's fiancé isn't the super girly type so she nixed the bow and this is how the place cards turned out. I think they are simple, but they also catch your eye.

Aisle Decorations


Inspiration - There are simply too many pictures to choose from for inspiration for aisle decorations. Pinterest has too many great options. When it came down to it, my brother's fiancé had to pick what she felt was the best choice to go along with the theme of the wedding.

Results - She chose a simple jar look which will be filled with baby breathe flowers to be hung in shepherds hooks down the aisle. I'm sure they would look good with any type of flower in them or for a later ceremony, tea lights would also look very prety!

About the Author: Lilly is a guest blogger from The Perfect Card Box, a provider of beautiful wedding card boxes for your special day!